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Bowl Biawas

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Big bowl Biawas is one of my favourites. Intended as a glaze decoration test, it turned out so pretty that I hesitated to keep it for myself. The walls are not completely round on this one, but that only adds to its charm. Just look how pretty it pairs with the bright tangerines.

The Biawas bol is wheelthrown and lined with a seagreen foodsafe glaze decorated with subtle white patterning all along the outside.


Dimensions: diameter 22 cm, height 9 cm

Sizes may vary slightly



Biawas: Siganus Javus, Java rabbitfish (central Javanese)


All Kaetes items are handmade and natural and may show marks of this process. All pieces are stoneware fired at a high temperature to make them strong and durable.

Care information

All Kaetes items are dishwasher safe.