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Bowl Kesan

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Gazing into one of the Kesan bowls may just take you into the next dimension. These bowls bring with them a little magic and meditation. The dark matte bare clay blends perfectly in the everyday natural kitchen. However a Kesan bowl is also intruiging enough to be the centerpiece of your sacred ritual space.

The Kesan bowl is wheelthrown and hand imprinted with hypnotic patterns. It is left unglazed to celebrate the matte dark clay.


Dimensions: diameter 25 cm, height 7 cm

Sizes may vary slightly




Kesan: [kəˈsan] effect, impression (Indonesian)


All Kaetes items are handmade and natural and may show marks of this process. All pieces are stoneware fired at a high temperature to make them strong and durable.

Care information

All Kaetes items are dishwasher safe.