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Jar Gunung

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The Gunung jar is perfect for storing salt, herbs or tea and is a lovely addition to your peaceful, natural and mindful modern kitchen. Or use it to covet your trinkets and small treasures and store them in the Gunung jar.

The Gunung jar is weelthrown and finished with handformed detailing on the lid. The unglazed outer surface is the alluring bare clay itself. The interior is lined with a foodsafe glaze.

Available in speckled sand and matte black


Gunung, ꦒꦸꦤꦸꦁ: [ɡu ∙ noŋ] mountain (Indonesian)


All Kaetes items are handmade and natural and may show marks of this process. All pieces are stoneware fired at a high temperature to make them strong and durable.

Care information

All Kaetes items are dishwasher safe.